Anatomy of the Neckline Book: by Jan Bones
This book will teach you to make V necks, bound edge bands for necklines, faced edges, mini bands and scalloped neck edge finishes. EXcellent clear Instructions & diagrams are found throughout the book. A photo gallery CD included. Photos are bright, clear and sharp for fun viewing. $15

Anatomy of the Waistline Book: by Jan Bones
This book includes straight bands, shaped bands, ribbon & piped edge finishes for pants & skirts. Also included are techniques to reduce bulk. Also "think upside down" and use the methods for cuffs and bands at lower edges of various designs. A photo gallery CD included. Photos have various fabrics, clear stitching detail for your information. $15

Introduction to Draping Book: by Jan Bones
25 pgs. Learn to create simple bodice & skirt designs on a dress form or person. This book will guide you in Bodice and skirt creation.$12

Sewing & Information Package Book: by Jan Bones
23 pgs. Package of information for bra liners, Prosthesis pockets, cup size variation pattern adjustments. This pack is designed for use with Lingerie Secrets patterns & will help with others as well. $12

Anatomy of the Collar Booklet: by Jan Bones
Design and sew perfect knit and woven fabric collars with Janís accurate directions and great diagrams. $6

The Dress Form Book & CD:
25 pages $20
Make your body in paper! Sketches & instructions guide you in making a dress form. A benefit to every sewer, you will wonder how you ever did without it!

Perfect Pockets Book:
25 pages $10
Pockets are a creative & functional part of clothing designs. Sew patch pockets, side pockets & welt pockets with Jan's easy to understand instructions and excellent diagrams.

"Lingerie Secrets": Panties
35 minutes $15
With this DVD, you will learn to create well made, beautiful panties. Explanations about fabrics & elastics, pattern changes, cutting are included. Close up photography will show the sewing techniques you will need to have a new pantie wardrobe!

2 CD Set: Lingerie Secrets: the Perfect fit for Every body: by Jan Bones
This set of CDs is made from Janís Sold out Book of the same title. A lingerie sewing classic reference, includes fabric info, sewing details, fittin ideas, pattern drafting ideas for panties & more. 126 pages full colour pages $20

CD: The Anatomy of the hem: by Jan Bones
This CD has 61 pages & 88 full colour photos teaching hemming techniques for many fabric types and garment styles.$12

CD: Janís 15 Favourite Ways to Use & Sew Elastic; by Jan Bones
This CD has 35 pages of text, colour photos and good information about elastic, how to sew it and how to have successful results. Many ideas to enhance your sewing projects. $12

"Lingerie Secrets": Camisoles & Nighties
48 min $15
Knit & woven designs are both demonstrated in this DVD. Learn pattern preparation, bust adjustment ideas, how to cut and work with bias & many other sewing techniques. See a beautiful array of camisoles & nighties to provide inspiration for use of fabric, lace & ribbon & much more !!!

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