Tip #1: Classic Ladies Panties - Variation

Sew a fabric band to the panties' legs (like a crew neck T-shirt), instead of using elastic. The fabric for the band must be cotton rib knit or cotton interlock, it must have a soft stretch. Cut a band 2" (5cm) wide and about 2" (5cm) shorter in length than the circumference of your leg. Cur off 1/2" (1.3cm) from the entire leg circumferences because this amount will be added onto the panties when the band is sewn into place. Sew a seam in the band, press it open, fold it in half and press lightly. Pin the cirular band to the right side of the leg opening, and stitch the three layers together with a 1/4" (0.6cm) seam.

Add a rib knit band at the leg of the panties.

Tip #2: Fabric Roses for Lingerie
  • You can add elegance and 3-dimensional design to your camisoles & nighties. Self-fabric could be used for the roses, or select a contrast.
  • Cut bias pieces of fabric as shown here. The bias prevents fraying & helps create soft, gentle folds.
  • Fold one end in by 1/4" and press.
  • Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, do not press.
  • With a double thread, hand stitch along the raw edges and then pull the thread to gather the fabric.
  • As you pull the threads, spin the babric into a circular shape. Keep spinning & create a rose shape. I like to have the centre flat so the fabric Rose may be easily sewn to a camisole. Baste the layers together & your rose is complete.

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